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Latest Podcast Episodes

10 Traits of Exceptional Employees – Part 1

Many of the managers that listen to the Engaged Club often listen to select episodes with their team. In this episode, Jim presents an article he read...

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3 Ways to Use a Geofence to Drive Revenue at Your Club

Many clubs use mobile apps to get better engagement from their members and customers, to increase sales and event attendance, and to drive revenue. In this episode,...

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Should you join a Club Manager Mastermind Group

Jim and Roger discuss the benefits and the purpose of a mastermind group and how they can help you grow into a top-tier club manager.

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How To Get Started with SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It has everything to do with how your club’s website ranks in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. There are...

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Take a “Need Less” Test to Become a Better Club Manager

Jim share a program he discovered from a mentor many years ago. The “Need Less Program” is property of Coach U Inc. and is an excellent exercise...

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4 Tips for Sending Effective Push Notifications

More and more clubs are using custom mobile apps to keep their members engaged and their customers coming back. Mobile apps have a variety of valuable features....

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One Big Mistake with an Easy Fix for your Email Marketing

In this short but sweet episode, Roger shares one common mistake many clubs make with their email marketing and how to fix it. If you’re sending two-column...

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Getting to Know the People You Will Work With

Jim made a big mistake at the second club he managed. When his president and executive board pointed it out, he changed his ways for the better....

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How Often Should I Send an Email to My List

How many times per week or month should you be emailing your list? It’s a question many marketers inside and outside the golf business ask. In this...

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Jim Hope's 12 Rules of Club Management

Jim Hope’s Rules for Club Management: Rules 1 & 2

The start of a series of podcasts on Jim Hope’s “Rules of Club Management.” These are must-listen episodes that will benefit you and your club for years...

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Jim Hope’s Rules for Club Management – Rules 3 and 4

Jim’s 12 Rules of Club Management: Rule 3 – It has to Have a Social Component. Your club may attract members with your terrific amenities, but the...

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Jim Hope’s Rules for Club Management – Rules 5 and 6

Jim’s 12 Rules of Club Management: Rule 5 – Bring it Every Day or Go Home. Your members and your team have reasonable expectations. It’s important to...

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Jim Hope’s Rules for Club Management – Rules 7 and 8

Jim’s 12 Rules of Club Management: Rule 7 – It’s Not Your Club. The club you run belongs to your members and your desires or ideas might not...

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Jim Hope’s Rules for Club Management – Rules 9 and 10

Jim’s 12 Rules of Club Management: Rule 9 – Positive Challenges Need Trust. As a manager, you’ll want to challenge your staff to make sure they’re giving their...

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Jim Hope’s Rules for Club Management – Rules 11 and 12

Jim’s 12 Rules of Club Management: Rule 11 – Do Work Plans, Not Performance Reviews. Goal-setting and regular check-ups with your staff are important for maintaining a strong...

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