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Why Marketing Isn’t Always Important

Marketing isn’t always important. There are times when it’s hard to keep the product in stock or when you just don’t get a break because it’s so…

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How To Turn Your Driving Range into an Exceptional Experience

Roger shares an idea for an inexpensive way to turn the driving range into an unexpected, fun experience and generate some revenue for the club. This concept…

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Reimagining Staff Roles for New Revenue Opportunities

A conversation Jim shared with a friend and prominent chef has him reimagining staff roles to adapt to the changing times in the club industry.

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How to Approach 2021 Budgeting based on Covid

Jim and Roger talk about the realistic approach to your 2021 budget projections and the opportunities you have at hand given the current economy.

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The Expensive Mistake Most Clubs Are Making This Minute

Roger gets fired up talking about the prosperous season most golf clubs are having and the opportunity that many club managers and operators may not recognize. This…

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Should You Put Your Membership Price on Your Club Website?

This is a question that burns in the minds of many club managers and membership marketing directors. Jim and Roger discuss putting the price of your membership…

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The Key to Better Club Newsletters

Roger shares a great tip for writing more impactful and meaningful newsletters to your members.

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Using Facebook Ads to Sell Memberships

Roger shares a strategy clubs can use to find more membership candidates using Facebook ads.

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Managing Member Expectation During Covid19

Jim shares some recent experiences managing the various member expectations and comfort levels as he and his team welcome members back to the club.

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"Just wanted to send you both a quick note to say thank you for doing this podcast. I found your podcast back in February and binged listened in 2 days.

As a new manager at a brand new (startup) facility, I find these topics incredibly insightful and very helpful as I get comfortable in my new role, as we build our membership and shape a memorable experience. Ive taken lots of ideas that you have both shared and put them into practices and have seen them pay dividends already."

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