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Roger and one of his too 
many sets of headphones.
Roger and one of his too many sets of headphones.

Hi. I’m Roger Kingkade.

I had the privilege of hosting radio shows in Vancouver and Calgary over two decades before shifting my efforts to helping clubs tell their stories and market themselves effectively.

These two things - radio and clubs - might seem worlds apart. Actually, they’re incredibly similar.

The thing I loved most about broadcasting was the audience. Thousands of people coming together under a common interest. When we would host events, we could clearly see the bond among strangers. My job - and my passion - was fostering that bond.

Your club lives in this world too.

The common interest may be the amenities your club offers like a premier food and beverage program, outstanding fitness classes, or a world-class golf course. The bond is the feeling of community, of belonging to a larger tribe, that turns the club from a recreation facility into a second home.

If you feel this way too, I think we’re going to be friends.

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Jim Hope moments before being tackled by R&A security.
Jim Hope moments before being tackled by R&A security.

Hello! I'm Jim Hope.

After graduating from college with a degree in hospitality and resort management, I intended to travel and enjoy life for a while. That didn’t happen. I was broke and needed a job. So decided to be responsible and take what I'd learned and apply it in my chosen trade.

I stayed in the hotel business for a few years until a friend and colleague invited me to join him on the club side of the hospitality biz. That was over 35 years ago and I haven’t regretted it for a second.

I have worked with some amazing people who are dedicated to providing outstanding service to their community of staff, members, vendors, surrounding neighborhood, and fellow club management professionals.

If there is “one thing” that never ceases to amaze me it's the free sharing that takes place in the club business. I have never met anyone in our profession who wasn’t willing to share, advise, counsel, and support and that didn't want to see a fellow manager succeed. (Ok, Ok maybe I met a couple of people, but I just quickly forgot about them!)

It is so rewarding to interact with folks who share a passion for engaging clubs and incredible hospitality. Let’s share together and have some fun!

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