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5 Mistakes Every Wine List Makes

We'll look at 5 of the most common mistakes people make when assembling a wine list. I'll explain what makes a successful list and help you avoid the most common pitfalls.

7 Cultural Shifts Shaping the Club Industry

In as little as 5-10 years, the golf & country club industry will look drastically different than it does today – both in the make up of membership as well as the innovations that will drive it forward. After interviewing...

An Innovative Way to Look at Your Golf Course Operations: The Facility Resource Management Application designed by the USGA

From finding good employees to the rising cost of water to the expectations of your customers, maintaining a golf course isn't easy. The Facility Resource Management Application designed by the USGA can help you be more efficient, reduce costs and...

Authenticity – Unleash the Power of You

We will delve into the concept of Authenticity and how it applies to your business, to your personal life, and to the way that you interact with other people! Do your actions, decisions, communications, and organization skills all reflect who...

Build a Member Magnet Website for Under $1000

Websites no longer need to be expensive or complicated when you have the right toolset. Learn how a fast, mobile-responsive website built with Leadpages gives your club everything you need to generate leads and attract more members.

Building a Roadmap to the Future in Uncertain Times: If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, You’ll End Up Someplace Else

This is a dive into the first step of any Strategic Planning Process, Capital Reserve Study and Capital Strategies Modeling. You will learn that understanding the costs and life expectancy of your current assets will provide your board a base...

Career Ambition – Choosing your Path in the Club Industry

In this Q&A session with Christine Stevens, she tells her story of her journey through the club industry. How did she identify her career goals? What purposeful actions did she take along the way? How did she chart her career...

Connecting with Members Using Social Media from the Kitchen

In this Q&A session, Chef Chris Gironda shares his thoughts and reasons for making social media a key ingredient in his member engagement strategy.

Creating and Maintaining Psychologically Healthy and Safe Workplaces

Are you familiar with signs of toxic workplaces? Perhaps you have worked in an environment that negatively affected your wellbeing. In this session, we will cover signs of unhealthy cultures, how they can affect a person's overall health and how...

Creating “Big Stick” Emotional Cement During and After—The Virus Madness!!!

Now more than ever, members and staff need to feel The Warm Embrace. Managers and staff who create Emotional Cement, who do Social KPIs right, who create a Community of Caring, will “do good” during The Virus Madness. Questions need...

Facilitating Weddings: How to be a Smooth Operator

As Kananaskis Country Golf Course's Reservations & Events Manager, Tracy Paley is the kind of person that makes a person feel at ease in an instant, and will be bring a high level of organization and fun to all planning...

Getting the Job Done Even If You have a Disparate Board