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Grow Your Club With Content Marketing: The Science Behind Stories That Sell

Grow Your Membership with Content

Turn the knowledge of your staff into content that generates qualified leads eager to become club members.

Hiring & Recruitment Trends Looking Forward

As we say good riddance to a tumultuous 2020, it's time to look forward at how the employment market has evolved and how recruiting, hiring, and training will change in 2021 and beyond. Recruitment budgeting in a time of uncertainty...

How to Avoid the Most Common Investing Mistakes

Saving effectively for retirement can seem like a daunting task at the best of times. And it’s made all the more difficult when you don’t have an employer sponsored plan. This session will give you useful and tangible information that...

How to Build a Solid Board: A Nomination Process for Every Club

How to Build and Maintain a Solid Relationship with Your GM

How to Create Events that Inspire

In “normal times” the business of golf competes against so many other industries for our members and guests time. Going out for dinner, other sports endeavors, spending time at the lake, hiking, kayaking, etc. etc…you get the idea. Even with...

How to Gain Approval for Large Construction Projects

The construction of a project is the easy part, the more time consuming and difficult part of a project is working your way through the political mine fields to first get the Board onside and then get the members support...

How to Handle Member Feedback and Never-ending Issues in Half the Time

Today’s member demographics are different, Pull industry data Statistic re: member complaints, nature and quantity, time spend on average (if possible to obtain) Setting the stage for success – process for onboarding new members Retention and communication and training isn’t...

How to lead a Successful Golf Course Renovation Project

Jeff Mingay explains how to lead a successful golf course renovation project. From determining when golf course work is required to selecting the right architect for the project, Jeff discusses what typically drives a successful renovation project, including effectively mitigating...

How to Make Great Videos Even if You’ve Never Done it Before

Erin Lawrence is an award-winning television journalist turned YouTube influencer. In this session, she’ll show you how easy it can be to make professional-looking videos that engage your members and customers, promote your events, sell more products, and deepen your...

How to Not Get Fired

Being a General Manager in a private Club is very rewarding but keeping your job can be difficult. Club Managers are often fired for reasons beyond their control but more often than not are fired because they are not doing...