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How to Prioritize a Fulfilling Life

Do you ever feel like you're spread too thin that you can't get to the things that you want to? Join this session and see how Tom has learned to balance his professional, personal and passionate goals to lead a...

Improving the Member Experience Through a Culture of Innovation

Innovative Practices at Victoria Golf Club

It All Comes Down to This

In life, in leadership and in coaching it all comes down to either taking or helping others to take accountability. In this short but powerful session you will be given the opportunity to decide!

Keeping Your Sanity While Managing Humanity

Do you suspect your staff aren’t as Powered ON as their cell phones? Do you lose sleep wondering how you can make the GEN X,Y,Z’s do their A,B,C’s? If so, then this session is for you. Personal attention and care...

Keys to a Successful Relationship Between a Club President and a GM

What is the ultimate GM/ President relationship required for desired results and deliverables in the club world?

Lead at Your Best (Under all of the Circumstances)

Leveraging Technology to Drive Better Business Outcomes

This talk with focus on the opportunity that technology presents to businesses, provide that they have a plan, they revisit the plan, and that the plan is implemented consistently over time.

Life Lessons

How you approach life says a lot about who you are as a leader. There are so many great lessons we all learn from life. I personally made a list with some of the most important ones so far, lessons...

Major Concepts in Club Governance

George goes deeper into major concepts that lead to better long term projections for clubs and tenure for managers.

Managing and Planning for Rounds and Revenue Success

This session will break down golf revenue by category and its contribution to your organizations success is key to allocating marketing, technology and human capital. The session will cover understanding utilization and yield by category and over revenue performance and...

Marketing Plans Made Easy

As the saying goes, "Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail." Many clubs find themselves flying by the seat of their pants when it comes to marketing and communications strategies. This is no way to operate and no way to grow...