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Unlocking the Power of Certification

Learn about the certification in club management available from the Canadian Society of Club Managers and how obtaining it can set you apart. The Society's Chief Executive Officer will highlight the value of the certification program and provide you with...

Using Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) as source of Inspiration

A couple of years back, I floated a few ideas to GM’s, F&B Managers and Chefs about how clubs could learn from Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR) and I got more than a few sideways looks. It wasn’t the main topic...

Welcome to Private Club Food & Beverage: Your First 100 Days at Your New Club

Club F&B Operations are often in a world all their own. Those who have been part of it for any amount of time will tell you that Club Food & Beverage operations are certainly unique. As a Chef, Food &...

What a Racquet! How can Racquets Lead Member Satisfaction Across Your Club

Learn how to connect the dots and increase member satisfaction with racquet sports.

What Women Want & the Financial Benefits

The power of the female market and demographic as economic influencers and growth agents for the game of golf.

What’s NEXT Foodies

What's your plan for 2021 to drive growth and sales in the foodservice sector in Canada. Jay will focus on new innovative ideas to drive your business forward in 2021. It's a new chapter in the foodservice world and we're...

What’s in your leadership toolbox?

The study of leadership is an expanding field as scholars and organizations seek to improve their understanding in this critical area. Leadership is crucial for consistent success both for the individual and for the organization. But leadership is complex. It...

Why People Buy Memberships: The Emotional Triggers Behind Big Decisions.

All the analytics, automation tools, machine learning, and other buzzwords in the world will never help you create high-converting pages for your prospects if you fail to leverage the one component that matters more than anything else in marketing: Emotion....

Women in Leadership – Elegant Influence 2.0

Women bring a unique and refreshing perspective to the industry! They also can face some distinct challenges and opportunities. Regardless of your gender, join Shelley for some thoughts on this crucial topic – from a coaches perspective!

Your True Calling – Understanding Your Purpose in the Club Business