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The Club Management & Marketing Podcast with Jim Hope & Roger Kingkade


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21 Top Qualities of Great Leaders – Part 1

Jim brings up a list of 21 leadership qualities he found in a Forbes article and adds his own thoughts about how it applies to club management.

5 Things to Stop Doing on Your Club’s Website in 2020

Roger outlines 5 bad habits to break in 2020 and gives you suggestions to do the right thing with your website in the new year.

$10,000 Episode – A Quick Strategy to Grow Your Wedding Business

Roger shares an idea that will help your wedding business grow by bringing more organic search traffic and referral through people already working in your local wedding industry. This is one of those strategies that costs a little up front, but pays dividends for a long time after.

How to deal with a Troublesome Employee

Jim shares 9 quintessential tips for dealing with a troublesome employee.

You Don’t Have to Win Every Fight

Jim looks back at episode #123 with Greg Lundmark of the Glencoe Club in Calgary, AB to elaborate on a pearl of wisdom. Greg told a story of a time he was manager at the Calgary Winter Club and a board member took him aside to give him some advice. “You don’t have to win every fight.” Jim shares his thoughts on this advice and what it might look like in practice for you.

How To Get a Jump on Next Season the Right Way

For most of our podcast listeners in Canada, the offseason underway. Now is a time for conferences and holidays and before you know it, it’ll be March again and time to implement new ideas for the new season. Don’t let the time slip away. In this episode, we discuss getting a jump on next season by exploring objectives setting expectations for yourself and your team.

Greg Lundmark, Glencoe Club CEO

We’re pleased to welcome CSCM President’s Award Recipient Greg Lundmark to the podcast. Greg shares his insights from his approach to board matters, his relationship with his members and staff, and remembering what’s important in life.

When Looking for New Members, Start with Existing Members

The Blue Light Special at K-Mart is a special deal for shoppers already in the store. Retailers know that it’s easier to sell more to an existing customer than it is to get somebody into the store in the first place. So it’s important to maximize opportunities once they have a shopper on the premises. The same goes for your club when prospecting for new members. Rather than starting from scratch, why not bring the message to existing members and invite them to “buy into” the club some more by helping bring their friends and colleagues into the membership?