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4 Easy Ways to Educate Yourself as a Club Leader Published

Jim and Roger discuss the value of education and constant improvement for aspiring club leaders and 4 easy ways to sharpen your skills and knowledge.

How to do a Year-End SNAP Analysis

Jim walks you through a helpful exercise to end your year; analyzing your Strengths, Needs, Attributes, and Passion.

Reflecting on Some Pearls of Wisdom

Jim and Roger look back on some of the good advice they’ve received in their lives.

360 Reviews Done Right

Jim shares his thoughts on how clubs should properly execute a 360 review program and how you personally should take the feedback.

Some Things to Keep in Mind During Performance Review Season

Jim goes deep talking about performance reviews; mistakes to avoid and how to make sure that you, as a manager, get a fair shake from the board when it comes time for your own performance review.

Lead Generation Basics

Roger and Jim talk about the importance of using the website to collect leads.

Three Steps for Planning a New Website for 2021

Roger breaks down three things to keep in mind when planning a new website for 2021.

Should You Run Your Club like a Business

Jim shares some insight on the making “business decisions” for the long-term health of the club.