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Maintaining Humanity at Your Club

This is a crucial episode if you’ve had to make the difficult decision to lay off staff because of the Covid-19 outbreak. Those staff members are often people your members care about, and you probably do too. Keep them close by remaining in contact and being sure they have the supports they need to get through this downturn.

Next Steps to Covid19 Communications

Now that our clubs are largely in a holding pattern, how should we maintain the connection with our members and communicate with them in meaningful ways? Roger and Jim discuss ideas for keeping the community together even if you can’t gather together.

The Past Few Days in the Life of a Club GM

Yes… this is a long episode. Extraordinarily long for extraordinary times. In the last episode, Roger briefly explained Jim’s absence and why he was recording alone. In this episode, Jim and Roger discuss the importance of making decisions, why speed is more important that perfection, and how to anchor yourself so you know you’re acting with the best intentions.

Communicating in Times of Crisis

How do you communicate to your members and staff during times of crisis and disruption? Covid-19 is testing a number of club managers and their boards. Getting the messaging right doesn’t have to be a struggle. This is a different episode. We hope to resume normal podcasting soon.

Learn from Business Giants

Marketing is difficult. Marketing is necessary. In many cases, marketing is the key ingredient for a number one company. In this episode, Roger encourages club managers to steal ideas and tactics from popular companies with ubiquitous brands like Nike, Apple, and Starbucks.

What is the Goal of a Club?

Jim and Roger discuss the somewhat abstract question, “what is the goal of a club?” We encourage you to take the long way home and ponder the same question.

The Make-Up of a Servant Leader

A follow-up to episode #154 about determining your leadership style. Jim and Roger discuss the composition of a servant leader.

What is Your Leadership Style?

There are many ways to lead and many types of leaders. What type of leader are you? It doesn’t matter if you’re new to a leadership role or have many years at the helm. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at in the club. If you’re in a position to lead, it’s important to take stock of your strengths, know you’re style, and understand how other may relate to you. Jim Hope breaks down different leadership styles in this episode.