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Why Sysco Canada is Sponsoring our Virtual Conference

Special guest Jay Ashton from Sysco Canada talks with us about the innovative things Sysco has been doing to showcase and support their customers and club through the pandemic. Sysco Canada is the presenting sponsor of the Club Innovation Conference, January 12-14, 2021. Get Earlybird Access exclusively through the Engaged Club mailing list. Check out Sysco Canada’s digital resources for more. And find their podcasts and kitchen shows in these places. iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/sysco-podcast-canadas-only-foodservice-podcast-show/id1472888854 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/5NYP9a2pq2FDdhUQBUxCC5?si=PSZP19akTzivK-_tVFexjg   SVK show: https://www.facebook.com/SyscoCanada/videos/?ref=page_internal

Using Smart Data to Back Decisions at Your Club

Our guest on the podcast this week is Ryan Tracy of ClubStudy. Ryan has been sending out surveys to club managers and collating data on a host of club management topics including budgeting, special programs, and COVID19 policies. We talk to him about his latest survey and the value participating in his program brings to club. You can learn more at www.clubstudy.ca

Does Your Club Do These 3 Things

Roger challenges Jim (and any club managers that attend his presentations) with the idea that a club has just three main functions. Hospitality, Innovation, and Marketing.

Announcing the Club Innovation Conference presented by Sysco Canada

We are beyond excited to announce the Club Innovation Conference presented by Sysco Canada – January 12-14, 2021. In the weeks to come, we’ll update you on speakers we add and events we create that surround the conference. For now, we’re thrilled to be able to share with you what we’ve been planning all summer long and we look forward to sharing this virtual event with you.

How Clubs Reacted to Covid19

Ryan Tracy is a friend of the podcast and a club manager in Ontario. He took the initiative of sending out a survey to fellow club managers to get a sense of their reaction to COVID19. In this episode, Jim and Roger discuss some of the findings. Thanks to Ryan Tracy for providing this work.

Why Marketing Isn’t Always Important

Marketing isn’t always important. There are times when it’s hard to keep the product in stock or when you just don’t get a break because it’s so busy. Golf is experiencing that right now during the COVID pandemic. Marketing golf right now isn’t as important, or so it seems. However, now is the time to be laying the foundation for meaningful, impactful marketing down the road. Create great experiences today. Remind your customers and members of them later.

How To Turn Your Driving Range into an Exceptional Experience

Roger shares an idea for an inexpensive way to turn the driving range into an unexpected, fun experience and generate some revenue for the club. This concept has appeal for both private facilities and clubs that are open to the public.

Reimagining Staff Roles for New Revenue Opportunities

A conversation Jim shared with a friend and prominent chef has him reimagining staff roles to adapt to the changing times in the club industry.