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The Executive Rules of Engagement

Do you find yourself answering the same questions time and again, year after year? Do you have board and committee members that are new, and they ask the same questions that the new board and committee members asked last year? Repetition can be irritating. More importantly, it can waste a lot of time. In this episode, Jim explains a simple way of organizing the answers to frequently asked questions about common club processes.

Michael Crandal’s Board Meeting Bingo

Jim and Roger talk about the Board Meeting Bingo article Michael Crandal, CNG (Certified Nice Guy) wrote for Boardroom magazine.

The Fundamentals of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a term that’s been around for years and it’s starting to crop up more and more as a strategy clubs might explore to make better connections with their members and customers. Roger has three key considerations for you if you’re interested in learning more about developing a content marketing strategy.

How to Retain Staff at a Seasonal Club

WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM?! A club manager from a seasonal club asked us a question about hiring and retaining quality staff. Jim and Roger talk about the challenges with this scenario and offer opinions on how club managers and memberships can get creative in addressing staff retention.

Your Vacation is More Important Than You Think

Fresh from the beaches of Mexico, Jim “Fabu” Hope not only has a great tan, he’s also got some advice that should be easy for you to take.

“Should My Course Ditch Its Facebook Page?”

It’s the debut of a feature called “What’s Your Problem?!” You ask us a question about anything related to management or marketing that you may be struggling with or wondering about and we’ll address it on the podcast. (Personal information is kept private.) Our first submission is from a semi-private golf course manager who wonders if it’s worth investing time in maintaining a Facebook page for the golf course.

How to Sell More by Helping, not Selling

In episode #145, Jim and Roger talked about shifting the mindset from “selling” to “helping.” When we work to sell to our members and customers, we become focused on profit, moving product, sales goals, and advancing the business. These are all necessary, but they mean very little to our members and customers. None of our members wake up in the morning wondering how they can put money in the club’s till. When we work to help our members and customers, we selflessly put their problems first. We build our relationship to become the trusted source of solutions and the first place they turn with their needs. Ultimately, this leads to more questions, more time spent, and more products sold. It’s better to help than to sell. In this episode, Roger refers to the YouTube channel of Rick Shiels, PGA. https://www.youtube.com/user/RickShielsPGAGolf

Lessons from One of the Greatest Hospitality Brands in the World

We discuss lessons learned from Horst Schulze’s book “Excellence Wins: A No-Nonsense Guide to Becoming the Best in a World of Compromise”