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The Value of Having a Coach with guest Kevin MacDonald

Jim and Roger discuss the value of having a coach in your work life, the types of people that work with coaches, and why peak performers surround themselves with coaches. Thanks to our special guest Kevin MacDonald from Clarity Success Coaching and The Extraordinary Leader program for joining this conversation.

Be Careful Not to End a Great Thing

Many clubs developed programs like grocery service, meals to go, and online stores to serve their members during Covid-19 closures. These may have been “stop gap” measures, but it’s possible that many members came to love them. Roger and Jim talk about examining these programs and services before deciding to cancel them.

Tips For Controlling Your Email Inbox

Jim shares his habits and tips for keeping your email inbox under control. The conversation gets a little candid when we find out Roger has a completely different approach than Jim.

Resuming Clubhouse Service at Derrick Club

Jim and Roger talk about the resumption of clubhouse service at the Derrick Club.

3 Tips for Sending Effective Push Notifications

Push Notifications are a great way to engage your club’s app users and members to take action. Roger shares three tips for sending great push notifications that will be appreciated by members and customers.

The Big Opportunity Most Clubs will Pass Up

Roger tells Jim about a big marketing opportunity that will make members feel so good about their club community after Covid-19.

Getting Back to the New Normal

Jim and Roger talk about the day Jim’s club reopened to golfers again. Were our worst fears realized? Were members upset with the limited offering of service? A great discussion on how members value their club communities.

How to Market Your Club’s New Online Store

Many clubs built online stores to help move some product during COVID-19. Roger gives some ideas about marketing those online stores to increase engagement with members and sell most goods.