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Turn Waste into Profit

Turning idle resources or wasted inventory into a profitable product can do wonders for your balance sheet. In this episode, Roger and Jim discuss a tactic one of Roger’s client’s uses to generate an extra few thousand dollars in revenue per month.

Frank Benzakour Golden Keys to Hospitality Excellence Pt.2

Frank Benzakour joins us once again to talk about his book “12 Keys to Hospitality Excellence” and the importance of innovation and embracing change as a club and as a club manager. His book is available on Amazon.

Frank Benzakour Golden Keys to Hospitality Excellence Pt.1

We’re pleased to welcome F.H. Benzakour to The Engaged Club podcast to discuss his book “12 Golden Keys To Hospitality Excellence.” The book is touted as twelve inspiring strategies that can revise a dying country club into a “pièce de résistance” of hospitality excellence. The book is available on Amazon in hardcover, paperback, or Kindle download as well as in audiobook format. This episode is an excerpt of a longer conversation between Jim and Mr. Benzakour.

Engage Every Eyeball Early

Humans are visual creatures and first impressions are made in fraction of a second. Big companies spend big money making sure they engage the eyeballs of their customers. The same should be true for your club. Brand value is conveyed first by what we see. Be meticulous about the impression you give to your prospective members and customers.

Club Governance: Nomination Committee Basics

For a club to be well-served by its board, the board must be well-rounded. A well-rounded board starts with a well-built nominating committee. Jim breaks down the importance and the process of creating a committee that looks at the club’s needs when nominating prospect for the board.

Emerging technologies to help you run your club

Jim and Roger discuss some interesting tech that some clubs use to make their processes more efficient, from drones that assess the golf course to scanners that make staff accountability easier to manage.

Sell the Experience, Not the Amenities

Roger and Jim discuss a common mistake when selling a membership and attempting to close a new prospect. Remember to sell the experience, not the features of your club.

Double Down on New Member Excitement

The first months after a member joins your club is a great opportunity to turn them into a referral partner. They’re high on the decision, they’re excited about the upgrade to their lifestyle, and it probably won’t be difficult to get them to tell their friends about it. Roger introduces an easy idea you can use immediately to leverage new members for quality member prospects.