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Jim Hope’s Rules for Club Management – Rules 3 and 4

Jim’s 12 Rules of Club Management: Rule 3 – It has to Have a Social Component. Your club may attract members with your terrific amenities, but the long term health of a club is dependent upon the social fabric you create within. Jim tells a great story about a golf event held at his club and the responses you might get from your members in similar situations. Rule 4 – Don’t avoid the Challenging Conversations. It’s natural to dread uncomfortable conversations, but they’re sometimes necessary to get to desirable outcomes. Jim recounts a few stories of challenging conversations and the opportunities they gave him to create a better relationship with one member and to reinforce the great work his turf team does with another.

Jim Hope’s Rules for Club Management – Rules 1 and 2

The start of a series of podcasts on Jim Hope’s “Rules of Club Management.” These are must-listen episodes that will benefit you and your club for years to come. In this episode, Jim lays out and discusses Rules #1 and #2: Identifying your Weaknesses and Integrity is Everything.

Should My Club Embrace New Technology

Are you the type of club manager that approaches new technology with skepticism, weighing the cost and considering the budget? When it comes to tech like apps, software, devices, and even equipment for our kitchens or retail spaces, it’s better to explore the value it brings to the member or customer. Your customers have adopted a lot of technology and related habits. Leverage these tendencies to grow your club – and your budget – at every turn.

Change is hard, but it’s necessary for success.

Change can be scary and uncomfortable, but change is necessary for growth, prosperity, and success. We all know this, yet some club managers and owners refuse to accept it. Listen as Jim and Roger discuss why change is vital to your club’s health and how you can alter your thinking to embrace change.

Why the Big Box Golf Store is Eating Your Pro Shop’s Lunch

How frustrating is it when a member of your club tells you about a purchase they made at the local Big Box Golf Store? Big Box Golf Stores can’t provide the same value your Pro Shop does, yet they’re still eating your lunch. In this episode, I do my best to breakdown what’s happening in your customer or your members mind and help understand a strategy to reclaim some of your business from the Big Box Golf Stores.

Managing Member Expectations in your Food and Beverage Department

“You can’t please all of the people all of the time,” or so they say. It can be difficult and frustrating to manage member expectations when it comes to the various aspects of operating your club’s Food & Beverage program. You may have to deal with everything from complaints about prices, removal of menu items, and the occasional “why can’t our club be like…” question. In this episode, Jim Hope lays out some practical advice on how to handle member expectations and how to find your North Star in your F&B department. Jim referenced this whitepaper written by Gregg Patterson, former Manager of the Beach Club and now President of Tribal Magic.

How to Safely & Effectively Navigate the Politics of Your Club

Every club has its power centers and individuals who believe the club should head in a certain direction. Navigating the politics of your club is a real challenge and the path is loaded with landmines. Jim lays out some simple rules about how to handle the politics in your club, how to stay neutral, and how to make sure that even in a highly-charged environment your board and your employees are protected from the “loud voices.”

The Right Way to Generate More Leads from Your Website

We’ve talked about the importance of building a quality email list and making sure the leads you collect are likely to engage. In this episode, Roger breaks down how to do that beginning with how you ask for the email address to the crucial step that many clubs DON’T do.