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3 Keys to Communicating Effectively with Your Members and Customers

Roger shares three important things to keep in mind when sending any kind of communication to your members or customers. The objective of our communications – those e-blasts, newsletters, social posts, mobile push notifications, etc – is to connect with our members and remind them how special their membership in our club is. To get the most of these opportunities, our messages have to be presented the right way at the right time… and they have to matter to the reader.

How to Reimagine Our Club Spaces for New Member Experiences

Reimagining the club for new experiences is a challenging exercise. Jim and Roger talk about the value in thinking outside the box and creating new and unique opportunities for members and the surrounding community to enjoy even more than your club may typically have on offer. === Here’s the shopping list from Amazon.com that Roger promised: (Note: These are not affiliate links. The Engaged Club does not get anything in return for providing these links, nor do we endorse these specific products.) A Fire Pit to create a magical ambiance. A warm and windproof blanket with a fuzzy lining. Some hot chocolate? (Roger like Land ‘O Lakes) Mood music optional with a bluetooth speaker. Of course, you can add anything else to the mix that you feel might elevate the occasion. Let us know how you do!

Do’s and Don’t’s When Applying for a New Position

Jim share some tips on finding your next job that he’s learned as both a GM and a job hunter.

5 Keys to Customer Retention

Roger and Jim discuss the difference between customer retention and customer loyalty. Many businesses and clubs implement customer retention systems expecting they’ll create more loyalty. Unfortunately, points based discount programs don’t breed loyalty as many operators would like them too. Jim and Roger also clarify the difference between loyalty and retention with a story about how Roger became a loyal customer of certain restaurant after they nearly failed to retain him.

3 Tips for Better Member/Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Surveying your members and customers is one of the best ways to understand what’s working and what needs improvement. In this episode, Jim and Roger talk about ways to make sure you’re getting useful information from your surveys, that your not getting too much data that can be confusing or cumbersome, and that you make sure the people you’re surveying are in the right frame of mind to help you grow as a club and as a manager.

How To Build Successful Relationships with Your Vendors

The relationship between club and vendor is ever-evolving. Clubs want vendors that provide value for the operation as well as enrich the experience for the members. And vendors want customers that will do great things with their products and services. This is a unique episode; Jim shares a few stories about his experience with certain vendors as well as an event The Derrick Club held for their vendors, casting them as partners in the club community. Jim and Roger also offer their personal insights from opposite sides of the club/vendor equation.

5 Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020

Roger spotlights five marketing trends that are on the upswing in 2020. Each one of these marketing tactics are available to clubs of all types and sizes. Each of these marketing tactics is also a low-cost way to drive customers and leads to your business. You’ll notice in this episode that Jim has a laugh asking Roger about website links that read “Click Here.” This has to do with website user experience, accessibility, and SEO. For more details (and to fully understand why Jim is laughing so hard) check out episode #128 – 5 Things to Stop Doing on Your Club’s Website in 2020.

Stellar Advice from Top Club Managers

Jim and Roger share their thoughts on a recent piece in the Fall issue of Club Manager Quarterly from the CSCM.