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Ideas for Strengthening Member Engagement

Jim and Roger discuss the importance of keeping members engaged for the overall health of the business of your club. They discuss tactics to expanding the impact the club has on the member’s life and ways of reconnecting with a member that might be on the brink of leaving.

Obey the Nike Law – Just Do It

So many of us in our daily work lives and even our home lives will put of something we could easily take action on today. “I’ll take a look at that in the off-season” or “that’s something we’ll look at down the road.” These are common excuses. Most decisions don’t require much time or effort to make. Jim and Roger challenge you in this episode to obey the Nike law and JUST DO IT!

10 Traits of Exceptional Employees – Part 2

It’s the sequel to the 10 Traits of Remarkable Employees. Jim and Roger discuss attributes that make for exceptional team members at your club.

10 Traits of Exceptional Employees – Part 1

Many of the managers that listen to the Engaged Club often listen to select episodes with their team. In this episode, Jim presents an article he read about the 10 Traits of Exceptional Employees. This is part 1 of a 2 part podcast.

3 Ways to Use a Geofence to Drive Revenue at Your Club

Many clubs use mobile apps to get better engagement from their members and customers, to increase sales and event attendance, and to drive revenue. In this episode, Roger shares three ways you can set up a geofence at your club to automatically promote club to every app user.

Should you join a Club Manager Mastermind Group

Jim and Roger discuss the benefits and the purpose of a mastermind group and how they can help you grow into a top-tier club manager.

How To Get Started with SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It has everything to do with how your club’s website ranks in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. There are hundreds of factors that go into search engine page rankings (how close you are to the number one spot on Google) and one of the best places to start is with On Page SEO. In this episode, Roger gives a high-level description of On Page SEO and outlines a simple best practice you can execute on immediately.

Take a “Need Less” Test to Become a Better Club Manager

Jim share a program he discovered from a mentor many years ago. The “Need Less Program” is property of Coach U Inc. and is an excellent exercise in self-discovery. The “Need Less Program” is best done with a facilitator. You can access it on the Coach U Inc. website.