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2 Things to Consider with All Communications

Roger and Jim discuss two key differences in club to member communications; alerts and bulletins. Alerts are immediate. They require action or awareness. Bulletins are more casual. They serve the member or customer in their own time. Find out which one to use and when.

The Change in Communicating with Boards and Members

Jim talks about the way communications has evolved as clubs cope with COVID-19 restrictions.

GMs Helping GMs Now and After Covid

Jim talks about the trend of GMs getting together to discuss operational matters during Covid-19 and the potential for this as a common practice in the future.

What Golf Will Look Like at Jim’s Club

Jim takes us through the planned experience his club has in mind when it reopens to golfers.

How to Implement a Touchless Check-In Process at Your Club

Roger tells Jim about the important things to keep in mind when working out the payment and check-in process for golfers once golf courses reopen after COVID-19. Club Unity has a designed a process which you can purchase for your club. For details, visit www.totalclubunity.com/touchless

Covid-19 Innovations as told by a GM and a President

We welcome Kendra Koss, President of Earl Grey Golf Club, and Richard Arnold, General Manager, to The Engaged Club for a discussion about how their roles have shifted during the Covid-19 disruption and the innovative ways they’ve found to serve their members while the club can’t be open.

Why Your Club should have an Online Store

Roger offers a number of good reasons to open an online store for your club not just to cope with the pandemic, but well beyond.

Managing in Crisis – Trevor Noonan from The Toronto Club

Our special guest this week is Trevor Noonan, CCM CCE – COO of The Toronto Club and President of the Canadian Society of Club Managers.