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The Art of Hospitality with Guest Jon Fisher

The Engaged Club is pleased to welcome special guest Jon Fisher to the podcast for the first of a few episodes. Jon is a master of hospitality. He is deeply interested in member and guest experience and drives his staff to go the extra mile, to be authentic, and to take risks. He also happens…

What every club should include but no club does in annual budgets

In this episode, Roger proposes an interesting and innovative idea that all clubs should consider when they set their annual budgets. The club that invests in disruption, innovation, and agility is the club that will lead the market. We’re very curious to hear what you think of Roger’s “Experimentation Budget” concept. Please comment on this…

Make the Last Seconds Count

Jim Hope’s “9 Traits of Remarkable Service.” Trait #9 – Make the Last Seconds Count. Our customer’s experience with us doesn’t end until our last possible interaction with them is complete. Roger and Jim share some stories about spotting opportunities to extend our customer experience to the last possible moment and making a memorable impact…

Create That Wow Experience

Jim Hope’s “9 Traits of Remarkable Service.” Trait #8 – Create That Wow Experience What could you do in serving your customer that would leave such an impact, people hundreds of miles away talk about it years later? Jim tells a story of a stressful dinner out that turned into an incredible special occasion experience.

Redefine Routine Activities

Jim Hope’s “9 Traits of Remarkable Service.” Trait #7 – Redefine Routine Activities Our work is often a series of routines. Enthusiastic, giving servers inject personality and panache in routine activities and make the mundane stand out. The challenge is to remember that what we do several times each day is often experienced just once…

Own and Fix the Problem

Jim Hope’s “9 Traits of Remarkable Service.” Trait #6 – Own and Fix the Problem How many times have you been out and you raise an issue with your server only to have him pass the issue off on somebody else? How much more satisfying is it when your server helps resolve a problem rather…

Bend the Rules Sometimes

Jim Hope’s “9 Traits of Remarkable Service.” Trait #5 – Bend the Rules Sometimes. Sometimes it makes sense to bend the rules a little. The result can often be seen as VIP treatment for our members and customer. After all, who doesn’t like to hear “I’m not supposed to do this, but for you I’ll…

Recognize and Seize Moments of Truth

Jim Hope’s “9 Traits of Remarkable Service.” Trait #4 –┬áRecognize and Seize Moments of Truth We are confronted with “Moments of Truth” every day. These are the little things we notice and fix that make our clubs and our workplaces better for our members, our guests, our staff, and ourselves. When you’re faced with a…