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Is the Customer Always Right? Jim Has a Great Answer.

It’s an age old axiom: “The Customer is Always Right.” But are they? Jim gives a great answer to the question and explains what he means with a few great stories as examples that will make you rethink they way you approach customers and members that throw you a curve ball, even if it’s your most predictable, longstanding member.

Private Clubs should embrace emerging technology for one very good reason.

Jim has a question: Why is it important for private clubs to embrace technology? If you look around the club, you’ll no doubt see that your members, individually and collectively, embrace technology in various ways. In this episode, we explore how embracing and adopting emerging technology is both a service to your members and a way of involving them in telling the story of your club.

Facebook for Clubs the EASY Way

Most clubs know they should have some presence on Facebook and other social media, but doing it well and regularly can be a challenge. Roger and Jim talk about how to simplify the process and focus on the important aspects of audience engagement to take your club’s Facebook game to the next level.

Email Open Rate is Great, but This is More Important

Email marketing is a powerful tool that every club should be using to keep members informed and engaged and to keep guests and customers coming back. Most email marketing programs compile a report after a campaign is sent, but some club managers and operators get hung up on the wrong stats. Roger suggests tracking some more meaningful metrics and gives you some ideas for improving your overall impact of your email marketing campaigns.

Some Organizations Get it, Some Do Not

The strength of a team comes straight from the top. How can we expect our frontline workers to deliver top-caliber service and experiences if we fail to make them feel directly involved in our business? Jim shares a story from a recent experience at a big box store about celebrating teams and individuals and making sure everybody feels they’re contributing to the success of the organization.

Treat Your Website Like a Top Employee

Your customers’ first impression of your club is often your website. What does it say about your club if the website is out-of-date or doesn’t work properly? Roger and Jim discuss the importance of having an up-to-date website that works as your visitors expect it to.

Make the Small Stuff Matter

Most clubs do the big things right. The paint is fresh, the windows are clean, the grass is cut. But what about the small stuff? Especially the small stuff that gets noticed. Jim Hope shares a great story from one of his first jobs that reinforces the importance of looking after the little details and how to develop the same sense of importance in your team members.

Introducing Jim Hope & Roger Kingkade

Welcome to “The Engaged Club.” We’re Jim Hope and Roger Kingkade and we want to share our expertise in club management and digital marketing with you. This is our launch point!