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How to Plan a Year of Social Media in One Day

A proper social media marketing strategy can make a big difference for your club’s brand and bottom line. The problem is, too many club managers find social media marketing time consuming and they don’t know if it’s actually working. There’s a tremendous opportunity for clubs to tell their story on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.…

Where to Start when it’s Time to Fix Your Marketing.

When you realize that your club’s marketing could use improvement, and that your club depends on it, you might feel overwhelmed. Where should you start when it’s time to fix your club marketing? Who should be involved in the process? Roger has some helpful and soothing advice in this episode of The Engaged Club including…

MYTHBUSTING: It’s not the Size of Your Email Database that counts.

It’s not the size of your database that counts, it’s the quality of the contacts. There’s an axiom that states “he with the biggest database wins.” This is surely a myth. Any club can go online today and buy a database with tens of thousands of contacts. The database would be large, but the contacts…

How to Thrive in a New Position: A recipe for Success

Heading into a new job can be daunting. There’s uncertainty about expectations and you might catch yourself guessing what your members, your board, and your staff are looking for from you. In this episode, Jim Hope lays out a solid action plan for starting out in a new management position at any club. He’ll walk…

Club Governance; How to tell when it’s ‘Good,’ what to do when it’s ‘Bad’

It’s a hot topic whenever Club Managers get together; Governance. In this episode, Jim does a thorough job breaking down the purpose and makeup of effective governance. He also gives you a tool kit to “check the temperature” at your club and how to persuade and empower your boards and committees to govern your club…

One Thing that Should NOT be on your Website

At Offcourse Golf, we get a lot of requests to integrate Facebook with the websites we build. It’s not something we recommend. When a visitor lands on your website, all your marketing has worked! They’ve found your club and they should be able to get all the information they need on your website. When you…

Some managers give it their ALL. They’re missing this Important Point.

Many club managers give it their “all.” They’re at the club for every meal service, every function, every event. These managers put the club before their family, their personal life, even their own health. Jim passes on some wisdom that every we should all contemplate for our own well-being and for the benefit of the…

Should your Club buy Radio, Television, or Newspaper Ads?

Should your club advertise on radio, television, and newspaper – the so-called ‘Legacy Media.’ Advertising is a big part of a club’s marketing plan, but not all ads have equal impact. Roger breaks down the pros and cons of buying legacy media advertisements and how they fit into your overall marketing strategy.