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Our Thoughts on Online Tee Time Agencies

Jay Karen, the CEO of the NGCOA, published an insightful piece on the impact of bartered tee times on golf courses. He puts the new GOLFPASS under the microscope to illustrate the impact of such discounted prices on the overall value of golf as a product. You can read his article here, and it’s well worth it. This episode of The Engaged Club is our thoughts on Jay’s article and tee time re-sellers in general.

Email Marketing Basics – Set yourself up for success

Your email list is your marketing asset with the most profit potential. It’s like they say; “The Money is in the List.” To get the most out of your email list, you must first set yourself up for success. Roger breaks down some fundamental basics of email marketing. Are you skipping any of these steps?

Remarkable Service and How To Foster it at your club

Remarkable service isn’t a fluke. Remarkable service is cultural and it starts at the top. It’s in the hire, it’s in staff morale, and it’s in the brand of your club. Jim and Roger share and dissect stories of remarkable service that elevates the experience.

How to tell if your website sucks – a Website Checkup Checklist

Having an up-to-date website that is fully responsive and easy and delightful to use is more important now than ever. In this episode, Roger explains why this is and what you should do about it right now. If you’d like an honest opinion and assessment of your club’s website, sign-up for a free website checkup.

How to Keep Your Directors from Stirring the Pot

As managers, we want our directors to feel involved in the success of the club, but we have to manage that relationship carefully. Jim goes into detail in what might be one of the most difficult aspects of managing a club; helping directors understand their optimal level of involvement for your team and your club to thrive.

You Say You Want a Loyalty Program, but You Probably Want this Instead

Customer loyalty is important to every club and Loyalty Programs seem like just the thing to increase the chances of earning repeat business from casual customers. In this episode, Roger breaks down what makes loyalty programs work and why most clubs should take a step back before implementing one.

Separate the Money from the Review

Jim Hope give some great insight into how performance reviews – or work plans – should go in the context of the salary and bonus compensation package most managers have. Many clubs give their managers some rather “creative” compensation structures in their contracts. This doesn’t mean there should be room for surprises at the end of the year when it comes to the performance review. This is a great episode for managers and boards who want to set up a successful review and bonus payout process.

What Superbowl Commercials teach you about How to Market Your Club

The Superbowl is well-known for outstanding commercials from some of the biggest and best-known brands in the world. There’s a lot we can learn from how these companies and brands reach out to their audience during the Big Game. In this episode, Roger explains three lessons from Superbowl advertisers that you can put in the game at your club.