Episode #042

Our Thoughts on Online Tee Time Agencies

February 28, 2019

Jay Karen, the CEO of the NGCOA, published an insightful piece on the impact of bartered tee times on golf courses. He puts the new GOLFPASS under the microscope to illustrate the impact of such discounted prices on the overall value of golf as a product.

You can read his article here, and it’s well worth it.

This episode of The Engaged Club is our thoughts on Jay’s article and tee time re-sellers in general.

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  1. Anthony Robinson CEO on March 12, 2019 at 6:13 pm

    Fantastic podcast and highlights not only current problems but potential knock on problems. Using your example. Would you give away $80,000 in value if that value was spent in your club after the round? Green fees are a clubs personality and what owners, managers, club captains work so hard to showcase the benefits and services in the club. Give customers the power and incentive to look around your club with rewards, not discounts!

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