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5 Ways To Be a Better Team Member

Jim and Roger break down five soft skills great team players possess. Each of these traits is an undeniable asset in a team player and all are things we can improve on with time and purposeful work.

21 Top Qualities of a Good Leader – Part 3

Jim and Roger wrap up the 21 Traits of Great Leaders with numbers 15 through 21. This episode contains a discussion on the importance of being a good mentor and finding a good mentor.

21 Top Qualities of a Good Leader – Part 2

Jim continues with the second of a three-part series of episodes discussing the 21 traits that make a great leader.

21 Top Qualities of Great Leaders – Part 1

Jim brings up a list of 21 leadership qualities he found in a Forbes article and adds his own thoughts about how it applies to club management.

You Don’t Have to Win Every Fight

Jim looks back at episode #123 with Greg Lundmark of the Glencoe Club in Calgary, AB to elaborate on a pearl of wisdom. Greg told a story of a time he was manager at the Calgary Winter Club and a board member took him aside to give him some advice. “You don’t have to win every fight.” Jim shares his thoughts on this advice and what it might look like in practice for you.

Interview with Chef Chris Gironda, Scarboro Golf & Country Club

Recorded live at the 2019 Canadian Society of Club Managers Conference in London, Ontario. We interview Chris Gironda of Scarboro Golf & Country Club about why it’s important for him to post so many pictures of amazing food on social media and how that makes the club’s members feel. We also touch on the critical role leaders play in the development of their staff.