What’s Your Problem?!

Managing a club has its challenges. You know it. We know it.

Some challenges are big, like trying to regain the trust of a board or struggling with a major capital improvement.

Some challenges are small. Members that complain the french fries are too crispy, the grass is too long, or the pool is too wet.

Sometimes, it helps to get some outside perspective and to hear your challenge from a different voice.

"What's Your Problem?!" is an opportunity for you to ask us a "what would you do" question in a completely anonymous way. Just fill in the form with your situation and include as much or as little information as you like. If you include your email address, we may respond to your situation.

We'll regularly look at "What's Your Problem?!" submissions as topics for The Engaged Club podcast. When we use a submission, you can be confident that we'll keep secret any personal and identifying information to preserve your anonymity.

Got a Problem? Tell us about it.

100% Confidential. We will never share your personal information.
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